Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From the Archives: Don't Cuss

Click It or Ticket. Slow for the Cone Zone. Report Drunk Drivers -- Call 911.

These are all messages that have been displayed on Caltrans' electronic signs in recent years. But here's one that hasn't been seen in decades: Don't Cuss -- Try Carpools or Bus. It's an old slogan (the undated photo looks to be from the early 1980s), but the message could not be more relevant today, once you get past those amazingly wide lapels. As congestion increases, carpooling and transit remain two of the best ways to spend less time in your car. You can also run errands during off-peak hours, use real-time traffic info services like 511, try alternate routes, and if possible, take advantage of flex time at work so you're not driving during rush hour. And if you do find yourself stuck in traffic, don't cuss. Next time, try a carpool or bus. Or light rail. Or bike. Or maybe even walk.