Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Need Help on the Freeway? Dial #399

If you find yourself stranded on the freeway, dial #399 to summon the Freeway Service Patrol, or FSP. FSP is a team of tow truck drivers who patrol major freeways looking for disabled vehicles. And they do more than tow. They can help you change a tire, refill your radiator, jump your battery, temporarily repair a leaking hose, give you enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station, and yes, if you need it, they'll tow your car to a safe location off the freeway.

The idea behind the FSP is that by getting disabled vehicles moving again -- or off the freeway -- congestion is reduced and stranded motorists are taken out of harm's way.

So how much will it cost you? Brace yourself ... it costs nothing. Whether you call FSP by dialing #399 or they stop to help before you have a chance to call, FSP services are 100% free.