Friday, October 21, 2011

A Blast from the Past: I-5 Under Construction 1950s

In January 1957, Assistant State Highway Engineer Edward T. Telford said, “Completion of the Golden State Freeway through the City of Los Angeles, connecting it with the Santa Ana Freeway, the San Bernardino Freeway and the Pasadena Freeway is of vital importance in clearing up traffic congestion on present freeways serving the Los Angeles Civic Center and business district.”

In 1957, the Golden State Freeway was known as U.S. Highway 99. Now known as Interstate 5 or I-5, it is still a vital route not only for Los Angeles but the backbone for the entire west coast. Currently, there is a lot work to be done on I-5 and honestly it is going to affect the lives of millions of motorists everywhere in Los Angeles County. Reduced lanes, closed on- and off-ramps, construction noise, and a break or interruption of your daily routine, are what some motorists may experience, but more lanes will be added along with carpool lanes, soundwalls, improved interchanges, longer lasting pavement, and many more improvements are on the way. More…