Monday, December 5, 2011

Your Questions Answered

Question: You’ve recently repaved southbound I-5 between Templin Highway and Lake Hughes Road in Castaic. Why is it taking so long to finish putting the reflectors between lanes?

Answer: You probably already know that Caltrans does almost all construction work at night. The benefit of working at night, of course, is that traffic volumes are lower, so fewer people are inconvenienced when we have to close lanes. The drawback is that it’s colder at night, and for many paving operations, the ambient air temperature and the pavement surface temperature must be above a certain point. If it’s too cold, the work can’t be completed. Rain can also cause delays.

Exactly how warm it must be depends on the operation and the materials being used. In the case of reflector installation, the magic number is usually about 50 degrees. So, as soon as Mother Nature cooperates, crews will get busy on those I-5 reflectors.