Monday, January 30, 2012

Closure: Molette Street at Carmenita Road

For the most part, the Carmenita Road Interchange Project has been pretty light on construction closures thus far, but there is a permanent closure beginning today in the Norwalk area that we’d like you to know about. This closure will affect, primarily, a small light industrial area south of I-5 and west of Carmenita Road. Details:

Where: Molette Street at Carmenita Road. The east end of Molette Street will be blocked off.

When: The closure begins January 30, 2012, and is permanent.

Why: The closure is necessary so that Caltrans can build a new Carmenita Road bridge over Molette Street. Molette Street will be realigned.

The closure is part of a project that is widening I-5 to create one new carpool lane and one new general purpose lane in each direction, reconstructing the Carmenita Road bridge as a 10-lane concrete structure with new ramps, and realigning and upgrading frontage roads.

Questions? Call the I-5 toll-free hotline at (855) 454-6335 or check out the I-5 website.