Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Construction Update! I-5/SR-14 Direct Connector Project

If you drive I-5 in north Los Angeles County on a regular basis, chances are you’ve been watching the new I-5/SR direct connector take shape. When completed, the direct connector will allow you to transfer between I-5 and SR-14 without ever leaving the carpool lane, hence direct connector.

So what’s happening with this project, now in its fourth year? Well, good news! The project is 80% complete. It’s on time and within budget, and will be finished in mid-2013. Currently crews are working on the bridge median and paving. Check out the slideshow below for a look at the construction now underway, including exclusive photos of work you can’t see from the freeway. It’s pretty impressive, even if you don’t know anything about freeway construction -- definitely worth a click-through. Click on the white text bubble in the lower left corner if you'd like to read the captions.

For more information about this project, check out the fact sheet on the I-5 website. (Sign up to automatically receive closure information while you're there.) If you have questions or comments, call us on the toll-free I-5 Hotline at (855) 454-6335. Tell us what’s on your mind.