Monday, March 12, 2012

California Household Travel Survey Now Underway

Every day, millions of people move throughout California in cars, on bikes, by foot, by light rail, by bus. To plan the projects of tomorrow, Caltrans needs to understand how Californians travel today. Toward that end, Caltrans, the California Energy Commission, the California Air Resources Board and local transportation agencies are now undertaking the California Household Travel Survey.

About 57,000 households randomly selected from all over California will be asked to participate in the survey. Most participants will be asked to record all their travel for 24 hours on a designated day, noting the places they go, how they travel, and the activities they do at each place. Additionally, a smaller sample of households will be given a GPS or engine sensor to record information about their travels. Participation is voluntary.

The data collected will be summarized to describe travel patterns, such as the general activities people engage in, the means of travel used, where the trips are coming from and going to, the extent to which the trips are combined, and the time of day the trips are made.

The travel information gathered will help build a complete picture of local transportation needs, so decision-makers can make the best recommendations for improvements. Smart investments in transportation will improve our state’s economy and environment through better access to jobs and housing, reduced traffic congestion, and increased mobility.