Friday, March 2, 2012

Construction Begins on New Paramount Boulevard Bridge Over SR-60

Less than three months after the Paramount Boulevard bridge over SR-60 in Montebello was demolished following a tanker fire, Caltrans has begun building its replacement. A groundbreaking was held this morning on a closed on-ramp to mark the occasion. (See photo to the right of District 7 Director Mike Miles being interviewed by KNBC-4 at the event. Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, who was instrumental in securing funding, is to the right.)

The bridge, built in 1967, was damaged on December 14, 2011 — so severely that portions of SR-60 near the bridge were closed for three days while crews assessed the damage, demolished the bridge, and repaired the pavement. The new bridge, which is funded by the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief Program, will be 32 feet wider than the old bridge, with an extra northbound lane, a 14-foot median and shoulders.

One of the truly noteworthy aspects of this emergency project is that the bridge will be completed in just three months — that’s in June! Under normal circumstances, it’s not uncommon for a project of this magnitude to take several years. The cooperation of federal, state and local authorities made it possible to secure federal funding and fast track the project. Thanks to everyone who acted quickly and helped with this process.

And if you drive SR-60, we’d like to thank YOU for your patience in the aftermath of the tanker fire. Going forward, most of the bridge construction will take place at night to minimize the inconvenience to motorists.

For more information about the bridge replacement or closures, call us at (213) 897-3656 or check out the fact sheet on our website.