Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Night on I-5: Successful Concrete Pour!

Last night on northbound I-5 near SR-14, while most of us were sleeping, construction crews were busy pouring 1,700 cubic yards of concrete for the new direct HOV connector. (For you engineering types, it was the stems and soffit of frame 3 that were being poured.)

How much is 1,700 cubic yards? A standard pickup bed holds about 2.5 cubic yards, so imagine 680 pickups filled with concrete. That’s a LOT of concrete! Check out the slide show below to see the crew in action. Photos come courtesy of our incredibly dedicated construction team.

To accommodate this operation, Caltrans diverted traffic onto the Truck Route. We had numerous electronic signs in place to provide advance warning to motorists. There was no congestion, no incidents, and the closure was picked up on schedule.

The operation went very smoothly, both from a construction perspective and traffic operations perspective. We thank you for your patience while the work is underway, as well as your attentive driving in the construction zone.

For more information, check out the I-5/SR-14 direct HOV connector project page on the I-5 website, or call the I-5 Hotline: (855) 454-6335.