Friday, April 20, 2012

My, How Pasadena’s (Community) Gardens Grow

Last week, on April 11, the City of Pasadena officially opened a community garden at 701 Pasadena Avenue across from Huntington Hospital near State Route 710. Caltrans has owned the land since the 60’s and recently leased it to the city in October 2011 at $100 a year for five-years.

Two years ago, the City of Pasadena Community Gardens contacted the department with its request to lease the parcel for a community garden.  Pasadena Community Gardens organization will act as the garden’s manager and organize volunteers to toil its soil.  Now, it’s just a vacant plot of shady land, but soon it will be a true vegetable and flower garden. The plans also include a serene area to sit, think and simply enjoy the scenery.

Caltrans recognizes this partnership as a successful collaboration demonstrating a good use of unused land and the department has similar arrangements with the Arlington Gardens, also in Pasadena, and with the City of Los Angeles Lowell Avenue/Huntington Drive garden in El Sereno. 

At last week’s opening, members of Pasadena Community Gardens walked spectators around showing where the growing beds may be placed, the teaching area, and the spot just for relaxing. Much work lays ahead to transform the plot of shaded land into a thriving community for gardeners, students of gardening--- and quiet thinkers.  So, go  visit and watch this garden grow.