Monday, April 16, 2012

Smoother Ride Coming to I-5 in North Los Angeles County

If you use I-5 in north Los Angeles County, your ride is about to get smoother. Yesterday, we began a pavement improvement project on I-5 in both directions between Vista Del Lago Road and the Kern County Line, a distance of 15.4 miles.

The two outside lanes and outside shoulders will be completely replaced, and damaged pavement slabs will be replaced in the inside lanes. The project will also update drainage features, upgrade the wooden guardrail posts to metal, add post mile signage, widen the inside shoulders, replace broken approach and departure slabs, and repave ramps.

Not only will this $100.1 million project improve your ride, it will also extend the life of the pavement and reduce maintenance costs and closures.

Most of the construction will be completed at night to minimize the inconvenience to motorists, but there will be some work during the day. Expect multiple simultaneous closures in different locations within the project limits and -- this is relatively unusual -- lane closures in the middle of the freeway that will split traffic going in the same direction. We’ll post closure signs well in advance.

Lane closure information for this and other freeway projects is available on the Caltrans website.

For more info about this project and others on I-5, check out the I-5 website: You can also give us a ring on the toll-free I-5 hotline: (855) 454-6335.