Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Mural Replicas Unveiled on the Hollywood Freeway (US 101)

A peek at the artwork:  Jimmy Centeno's "el viaje"
Today's Date:     Tuesday, June 26, 2012   
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More Mural Replicas Unveiled on the Hollywood Freeway (US 101)

LOS ANGELES – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in partnership with Wells Fargo Corporate Properties (CPG) and the Wells Fargo Foundation will unveil four additional graffiti and vandal-resistant mural replicas throughout the week along the Hollywood Freeway (US 101) between Alameda Street and Broadway.  This is the third phase of this project.

“This is exciting.  This is the first time new art has been added to the US 101 corridor in downtown in decades,” said Deputy District 7 Director of Maintenance Dan Freeman.  “This project has become a viable and tax free way to preserve art and combat vandals who have aggressively attacked public art on the freeway system.”

With the addition of Jimmy Centeno’s “Viaje” and “Un homenaje a la Mujer Latinoamericana,” and Rene Trujillo’s “Birdsee(d)” and “Bomba,” pedestrians and over 205,000 vehicles that pass through this section of US 101 will now be able to enjoy nine pieces of art.  These pieces of art join works from popular artists such as John Werhle, George Sportelli, Ruben Soto and Frank Romero.

“Wells Fargo is investing in a new and innovative platform to showcase art and improve the downtown landscape along our freeways,” said Wells Fargo Corporate Properties Asset Manager Lisa Cortopassi.  “I encourage the business community and other organizations to join this win-win effort.”

Caltrans has partnered with Wells Fargo to rejuvenate public art displays with a new media that allows for easier maintenance of the artwork without requiring the closure of freeway lanes and designates a set life cycle for replacement of the art.  The pilot project was launched in 2010 with Wells Fargo CPG’s support, and since the initial installation of five mural replicas only one has suffered vandalism in just under two years of display.

“Wells Fargo’s support has done a great a deal to improve the freeway landscape in downtown Los Angeles,” said Freeman.  “This public-private partnership is one of the first of its kind in District 7 and it has been extremely effective.” 

The scaled replicas have been printed on a canvas made of recycled plastic and vinyl fabric.  The mural can now be mounted and removed for periodic cleanings without impeding traffic.  The material should be able to resist most paint types that could be sprayed on to it.

The pilot project is slated to end on July 31, 2017 following the release of a seven-year study by Caltrans about the material, framing and imagery for luster, texture and integrity over the targeted life-span. The public is encouraged to submit comments to Vincent Moreno, at vincent_moreno@dot.ca.gov or Vincent Moreno, Caltrans District 7, 100 S. Main St., MS 3, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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