Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ask Caltrans: Do freeway traffic cameras record?

Traffic camera at southbound I-405 near Braddock Dr.
This is a question that our Public Affairs and Media Relations staff are asked daily by motorists who may have been in an accident, received a traffic ticket, lost items on the freeway, etc.

The quick and simple answer is, no, the cameras do not record.

Caltrans and the CHP’s Los Angeles Regional Transportation Management Center (TMC) in Eagle Rock, sole mission is to manage highway and freeway traffic in District 7 (Los Angeles and Ventura counties).  The 464 traffic cameras are the eyes of Division of Operations staff that monitor and manage traffic on the 1200 lane miles in District 7.

Check out our Inside 7 Newsletter article, “Traffic Never Looked So Good: Project Upgrades District’sTraffic Cameras for more information.