Friday, August 3, 2012

That’s a highway?

You may have wondered why there is California State Route (SR) shield on the street you are driving on.  For instance, portions of several common roadways in Los Angeles County are considered state highways: 

Lincoln Blvd. - SR-1
Santa Monica Blvd. – SR-2

Venice Blvd. – SR-187
Hawthorne Blvd. – SR-107
Rosemead Blvd. – SR-19
Whittier Blvd. – SR-72
Azusa Ave. – SR-39
Western Ave. – SR-213
Topanga Canyon Blvd. – SR-27
Foothill Blvd. - Route 66

Caltrans operates and/or maintains these highways as part of the local transportation system via signal synchronization and adaptive traffic control systems.  Both of these systems help to manage traffic in different regions by monitoring the volume of traffic to make adjustments to the signals wherever it is necessary.  Some portions of these highways have been relinquished to municipalities.

Update based on recent questions: 
 In recent years and months, portions of these highways have relinquished to cities such as Santa Monica (SR-1), Claremont (Route 66), and Azusa (SR-39).