Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If You MUST Drive During Carmageddon, Use QuickMap!

By this point (four days 'til Carmageddon!), you’ve probably heard the “eat, shop and play locally” mantra countless times. And that’s good! We’d love for you to bike, walk or use transit this weekend instead of getting in your car and hitting the freeway. But we also recognize that some people will have to drive. Maybe you’ve got a wedding to go to, or you work weekends, or your contractions are two minutes apart. Sometimes, you really need the freeway.
If you absolutely MUST drive, we have just the thing for you! It’s called QuickMap, a new online service that provides real-time traffic and travel information, brought to you by Caltrans. You can check it before you leave to determine the best route. QuickMap will give you an overview of traffic and allow you to monitor congestion, incidents, lane closures, travel times and Amber Alerts.
Another great Carmageddon tool: 511, which also provides real-time traffic info. Again, call before you leave (or use a hands-free device while driving) or click over to go511.com.