Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween is Scary Enough — Keep it Safe By Driving Sober

Your Halloween costume can be scary, but your driving shouldn’t be. If your ghoulish merriment includes alcohol, make sure you plan a safe and sober way to get home. (Broomsticks are fine so long as someone sober is driving.)

Here’s the scary stats on Halloween crashes, courtesy of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration: in 2010, 41 percent of all highway fatalities across the nation on Halloween night involved a driver or a motorcycle rider with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, making them legally drunk in most states. Forty-one percent! 

Drinking and driving is one of America’s most often-committed and deadliest crimes. In 2010, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol-related crashes — that's one every 51 minutes — all of which were preventable.

Here are a few simple ways that you can help keep Halloween safe for you, your family and your community:  

    > Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin. 

    > Before drinking, designate a sober driver. 

    > If you’re impaired, take a taxi, call a sober friend or family member, or use public transportation. 

    > If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact local law enforcement. 

    > If you know someone who is about to drive while impaired, take their keys and help them make other arrangements to get to where they’re going. 

We love a good Halloween scare … but we don’t like it to happen on the freeway. Drive sober or get pulled over. Overindulge in those fun-size candy bars instead.