Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Peek Behind the K-Rail: 5/14 Direct Carpool Lane Connector

Motorists who use I-5 in the Santa Clarita area have been watching the construction of the new carpool lane connector between I-5 and SR-14 for more than four years. The wait is almost over! 

We expect to open the connector in the next month or two (depending on weather). When it opens, if you’re driving in the carpool lane, you’ll be able to transfer between I-5 and SR-14 without ever leaving the carpool lane — which benefits drivers in the regular lanes, too, because it means less weaving and better traffic flow. 

Here’s a shot from the new connector looking south. Cars to the left are headed north on I-5, and those to the right are headed south:

Crews are currently working on the deck joint seals, which allow the connector to expand and contract with temperature changes and the forces applied by traffic. Here a worker is welding the joint seal assembly: 

 Close-up of the assembly:

This is what a joint seal assembly looks like when it’s done:

For more info about the connector, check out the project page here, or give us a ring on the I-5 Hotline at 855.454.6335.