Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Caltrans Breaks Ground on New 1-10/I-605 Connector

Elected officials and dignitaries break ground on the new I-10/I-605 direct connector today at Barnes Park Athletic Field in Baldwin Park.
If you use I-10 and I-605 in the Baldwin Park area, a new connector is coming your way. Caltrans broke ground this morning on a $66 million project that’s building a flyover connector between southbound I-605 and eastbound I-10. Currently, if you’re transferring between I-10 and I-605, you have only a short distance to merge, which has a tendency to cause backups and to inspire that please-oh-please-someone-let-me-merge-before-it’s-too-late feeling. The new connector will fix that — you won’t have to quickly weave through traffic to merge. AND it will reduce delays, improve goods movement and enhance safety.

This project is a first for Caltrans — it's not the first connector we’ve built, of course, but it IS the first design-build project in Los Angeles County entirely funded by state taxpayer dollars. Why does it matter that it’s a design-build project? In a word: speed. The design-build approach allows projects to be completed more quickly.

The new connector will be completed in summer 2014. In the meantime, please slow for the cone zone when you're driving through the area. You’ll avoid a co$tly ticket and help keep our workers, other motorists and your own wonderful self safe.

Want more info? Check out the project page here or give us a ring at (213) 897-3656.