Monday, December 10, 2012

Caltrans Earth

Going on a skiing trip, hitting the waves, doing research, or just headed to work?  Check out Caltrans Earth.
Caltrans Earth provides easily accessible data about park and rides, current and future high occupancy vehicle (HOV) or carpool lanes projects, traffic incidents, county boundaries, roads and so much more. 

Screen shot of District 7

Caltrans has come along way from the early days of traffic management.  Governor Ronald Reagan in Caltrans Traffic Management Center in Los Angeles. Nov. 23, 1971

Caltrans Earth was created by our Division of Transportation System Information to provide the public a new generation of web-based data access for sharing and viewing tools through the Google Earth and API web page.  The Caltrans Earth is a network-based 2D and 3D mapping system that makes vast amounts of data easily accessible within a few clicks of your mouse.  Caltrans Earth utilizes a California-focused virtual world created by Caltrans.

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