Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sneak Preview: I-5/SR-14 Carpool Lane Connector *UPDATED*

UPDATE! The connector may open as early as Monday, December 24. BUT: rain is in the forecast and we're still striping and tending to other home-stretch details, so we're not making any promises. Check back Monday for another update.

Since 2008, Caltrans has been constructing a new elevated carpool lane connector at the I-5/SR-14 interchange just south of Santa Clarita. Construction is almost complete. By "almost complete," we mean it will probably open before the end of the year. For real! Weather may delay the opening, but we're working hard to get it done. It was freezing cold and ridiculously windy up there last night, but crews were striping and putting up new signs and removing k-rail. They'll be working 'round the clock until the connector is ready to open.

So what's a carpool lane connector? If you're driving in the carpool lane on I-5 or SR-14, the connector will allow you to transfer between freeways without leaving the carpool lane, which helps reduce congestion and weaving and enhances safety. So, everyone benefits — not just drivers in the carpool lane. More info about the project is here.

For a sneak preview of the connector before it opens, check out the video below.