Thursday, January 31, 2013

Caltrans Funds Pasadena’s New Bicycle Boulevard

A common (mis)perception about Caltrans is that we focus exclusively on cars and the freeways they use. Pshaw! Improving transportation for cars and trucks is a big part of our mission, but we also fund projects for pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists. Case in point: Caltrans provided $500,000 for Pasadena’s new Bicycle Boulevard on Marengo Avenue. A ribbon-cutting was held today to celebrate the opening.

Pasadena’s Bicycle Boulevard is three-quarters of a mile, stretching between Orange Grove Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. Special signals at these intersections alert bicyclists when it’s safe to turn, and signs divert motorists. Marengo Avenue residents who drive can enter the Bicycle Boulevard using side streets. 

The project increases safety for cyclists, decreases congestion and provides a great place to bike. This is the second Bicycle Boulevard in Los Angeles County, the first being on Vista Street in Long Beach. Caltrans will continue to fund bike-centric projects like these to support communities' efforts to make their streets more bicycle-friendly. So, park the car and go enjoy Pasadena's new Bicycle Boulevard!

Find out more about Caltrans' bicycle programs here