Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s Baaaaaack! North LA County I-5 Paving Project Resumes

The paving project on I-5 between Vista Del Lago Road and the Kern County Line has resumed after being suspended for the winter. When it gets too cold, we can’t pave — the concrete won’t cure properly. But now that warmer weather has returned, crews are back in action and will continue to work through November. You may have noticed the contractor placing k-rails (concrete barriers) this week.

Since the project has resumed, regular closures will begin again as well. The most restrictive closures (multiple lanes closed) will occur at night when traffic volumes are lower, but you can expect one lane in each direction to be closed during the day. There will also be staggered ramp closures, meaning that we won’t close two ramps right next to each other. That way, you won’t have to go more than one ramp out of your way. We recognize that in a rural area like this, going even one ramp out of your way still means miles of detouring. We regret the inconvenience there WILL be a payoff when the work is complete, specifically: enhanced safety, fewer maintenance closures and a smoother commute.

Keep in mind that there may be multiple closures along this 15.5 mile stretch. So, you may pass through a construction zone only to find another one a few miles up the road. Please slow for the cone zone to help ensure that our crews, you, and other motorists stay safe!

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Questions? Call the toll-free I-5 hotline at 855-454-6335. This is NOT a recording — you’ll speak to an actual person during normal business hours. After hours you can leave a message and we'll call you back the next business day.