Friday, May 24, 2013

Freeways to be Closure-Free for Memorial Day (Mostly)

A lot of people will celebrate the long Memorial Day weekend — the unofficial start of summer — by driving someplace. For that reason, we’re suspending construction closures on major freeways May 25 – 27. We don’t want you to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

That DOESN’T mean there won’t be closures. There will be closures. Long-term closures will remain in place. Accidents may prompt closures. Emergency maintenance may require closures. But typical construction-related closures? Nope.

If you’re planning to drive someplace, visit the Caltrans QuickMap before you go to check on traffic conditions. Also consider transit, bicycling, or your own feet (if you’re not going far) to get you there.  

Have a safe and sane Memorial Day! No drinking and driving. No texting and driving. No putting on makeup and driving. No reading and driving, etc. If you're driving, please just drive. We want you and everyone else to get home safe.