Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Plan Your Memorial Day Travels with Caltrans QuickMap!

If you’re headed out of town over the Memorial Day weekend — or even just barbecuing with friends in town — check out the Caltrans QuickMap before you leave for real-time traffic conditions. QuickMap will show you:

         > Traffic speeds
         > Incident locations
         > Electronic message signs
         > Freeway camera feeds
         > Lane closures

QuickMap will even save your location and zoom level between sessions, so the next time you visit the page, you’ll be viewing the same location on the map.

By default, the traffic layers are displayed on the standard Google road map, but you can also view a satellite or terrain map by clicking on the buttons in the upper right corner.

QuickMap also has links to regional 511 sites (Los Angeles is here) and the planned lane closure page, if you’d like a text-based listing of closures by freeway.

There’s even a QuickMap mobile app (which, of course, you would never, ever use while driving).

So, before you head out the door this Memorial Day, click over to Caltrans QuickMap. And have a safe and sane holiday!