Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thursday is Bike to Work Day!

May is National Bike Month. This week is Bike Week in Los Angeles County. And tomorrow, May 16, is Bike to Work Day! So step away from the car keys, and give two-wheeled transportation a shot. It’s easy. It’s environmentally friendly. It reduces congestion and increases mobility. It helps keep you fit and healthy. And it’s fun! 

If you have a crazy-long commute, consider combining your bike ride with transit. Ride to a bus stop and put your bike on the bike rack. Ride to a Metro Rail station and bring your bike on the train. Ride to Metrolink and put your bike in the bike car. Need an incentive? Many transit agencies are providing FREE rides to bicyclists on Bike to Work Day. (See a list here.) Plus, there will be bike to work pit stops all over LA County (locations here), where you can pick up a Clif Bar and water, get reflective decals, pump up your tires, and generally enjoy not being stuck in traffic. A few tips to get you started biking safely:

  • Ride in the street, not on the sidewalks.

  • Ride with traffic, not against it.

  • Always wear a helmet. Don't wear earphones.

  • Stop at red lights and stop signs, and obey all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings. Yield to pedestrians.

  • Be predictable and ride in a straight line. Don’t weave in and out of parked cars

  • If the lane is wide enough to safely share with cars, ride to the right side. Don’t share a lane that’s too narrow. Take the center of the lane if necessary.

  • Watch for car doors opening. When possible, keep about three feet between yourself and parked cars.

  • Establish eye contact with drivers. Make sure they see you.

  • Use your bell to alert drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists to your presence.

  • When riding at night, wear light-colored or reflective clothes. Use a white front light and red taillight, as well as reflectors. 

Happy Bike to Work Day! Enjoy your ride!