Thursday, September 12, 2013

From the Caltrans Archives: The Early Years of Angeles Crest Highway (State Route 2)

As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, engineers, outdoor enthusiasts, businesses, and organizations (including the American Automobile Association) wanted a highway that would provide easier access for motorists from Greater Los Angeles into the Angeles National Forest.

During the 90 years of the Angeles Crest Highway’s existence there have been 17 presidents in office and it has grown from a winding donkey trail to a 66-mile highway from La CaƱada Flintridge to Wrightwood. 

Built with early road construction techniques which included dynamite, donkey wagons, steam powered equipment, Civilian Conservation Corps, and inmates from San Quentin, SR-2 began its journey through the Angeles National Forest.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.  (Obviously, there's so much more to share about this historic highway).

Picture information (all pictures are from Caltrans Archives):
1. 1930s picture of a prison work crew.
2. May 1934 highway under construction.
3. Oct. 5, 1941 Protection shield and false arch tunnel #1 - West portal under construction.