Thursday, October 17, 2013

2/5 Connector Repair Project Update

4"X 6" melted piece of metal from the tanker.
The repairs for the tanker fire damaged SR-2/I-5 connector are still progressing through the design phase.  It is expected that a hired contractor will begin repairs in early November and finish by mid-December.  

The overall cost of repairs is currently estimated at $16.5 million.  Reimbursement for project costs is be sought from the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief Program. 

The following solutions will be deployed to repair the connector:

  • Hydrodemolition will remove any degraded concrete from the surface of the structure.
  • Shotcrete is a slurry of concrete that is sprayed at a high velocity to fill damaged voids.
  • Epoxy injections will help seal cracks in the concrete and provide additional strength to the structure.
  • Carbon fiber wrapping will help add strength to the outrigger beams on the north side of the connector.
  • Repave the damaged roadway.
  • Upgrade the connector’s lighting, metal beam guardrail, and add anti-graffiti coated paint.