Friday, November 1, 2013

I-5 Truck Lane Project to be Featured in Discovery Channel’s ‘Strip the City’

The I-5 truck lane project is ready for its close-up! Earlier this week, a Strip the City film crew came out to the Newhall Pass to interview the project’s resident engineer, Abdul Aljamal, for an episode on Los Angeles to air in March. (More info about the project is here.)

If you’ve never seen Strip the City, it uses CGI animation to strip major cities of their steel, concrete, buildings, roads, and bedrock — layer by layer — to explore the technology and infrastructure that keeps them running. Each show also introduces the people who are instrumental in building and looking after the city's infrastructure, people like RE Abdul Aljamal. 

The crew trudged up hills and over rebar to shoot in numerous locations within the truck lane project limits, including the Gavin Canyon bridge deck: 

the Weldon Canyon overcrossing: 

and up close and personal with this massive soil nail wall: 

The filmmakers were particularly interested in the challenges the construction team must overcome to widen a high-volume freeway in a rugged, mountainous area like the Newhall Pass. You can learn all about it (and enjoy some great CGI!) in March. We’ll keep you posted on the air date.