Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ok, Pilgrim, Seatbelt or Ticket? Your Choice.

These turkeys are NOT wearing seatbelts and risk being cited by CHP.
Top 5 stupid reasons why people don't wear their seatbelts:

1. It'll wrinkle my clothes. (Would you rather wrinkle your FACE in a car crash?)

2. The airbags will protect me. (Um, no. You need to be belted in.)

3. It's uncomfortable. (So is a massive head injury and internal bleeding.)

4. I'm a good driver. (Of course you are! And you're driving among some very bad/drunk/tired/distracted drivers.) 

5. Wearing a seatbelt or not should be MY choice. (It is! You get to CHOOSE to die needlessly or walk away from a terrible accident! YOUR choice!)

And here's the top ONE reason why you should wear a seatbelt: Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to save a life on the road — your life, your passengers' lives, the lives of other motorists.

Caltrans and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are reminding you about seatbelt use now because Thanksgiving is a busy time of year on our nation's roadways. With so many people traveling, the number of accidents increases. The best way to protect yourself and your passengers is to make sure that everyone in any car you're riding in is belted in. According to NHTSA data, about half of people killed in motor vehicle accidents were NOT wearing a seatbelt. Plus, wearing a seatbelt will also prevent you from getting a costly ticket.

Four out of five people DO wear seatbelts on a regular basis, so good on you, seatbelt wearers! But if you do that thing where you put the lap belt on and slide the shoulder part off, that doesn't count. The shoulder harness isn't a decoration. Use it! And drive careful out there. Don't become an NHTSA stat, more of which you can find here.