Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Space Required to Transport 72 People

How much space is required to transport 72 people? And by extension, how much congestion might those 72 people create? The City of Münster, Germany answered that question with this famous poster:

The iconic poster was created more than 22 years ago to promote transit and bicycling in the city, but the message is even more pertinent today in LA County. Bicycling, transit and other forms of "active transportation" are highly effective ways to reduce congestion and to create a sustainable transportation system that works better for everyone.

So, if you're thinking about New Year's resolutions, consider tweaking your transportation diet. We understand that not everyone can bike to work or shop for a family of six on foot (though some do). But maybe you can take transit a couple times a week. Or try carpooling. Or ride your bike to do some of those weekend errands. You'll save money, improve your health, and it's good for the environment. Plus, you might even enjoy it. 

By the way, Münster is now the bicycle capital of Germany.