Friday, February 21, 2014

Freeway Signs Urge Water Conservation

As you’ve been driving the freeways over the past couple weeks, you may have noticed the following message on electronic signs:


In response to the state’s severe drought, Caltrans has launched a statewide educational campaign on California’s 700 electronic freeway signs urging all Californians to conserve water. The conservation message is activated when there are no critical emergency or traffic safety messages or Amber Alerts. (More info here.)

The freeway sign campaign is just one way Caltrans is helping with conservation efforts. Effective this month, the department is also:

   Cutting statewide irrigation activities by at least 50 percent.

   Delaying all new landscaping projects and non-essential highway planting.

   Not watering in areas of the state suffering from severe drought impacts.

   Expanding smart irrigation technologies, which turn off automatically when it rains.

   Using recycled water for irrigation and other activities whenever possible.

   Forgoing washing state vehicles except when necessary for safety.

The department is taking these conservation steps because the historic drought threatens all Californians with a dangerously dry summer and protecting the water supply is a top priority.

Find out how you can conserve water at With California facing its driest year on record, even seemingly small water savings help.