Monday, March 3, 2014

Caltrans Rock Fences Hold Up Against The Storm

Rock Fence on San Gabriel Canyon Road (SR-39) 

Rock fences placed along San Gabriel Canyon Road (SR-39) near Azusa and along the Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) north of Malibu held up well against the recent deluge.

The rock fence along SR-1 was erected because of the debris slides that occurred in the Springs Fire burn area (May 2013) and the rock fence on SR-39 was erected near the Colby Fire burn area (February 2014).  

Rock fence construction, before the storm Our geologists and maintenance crews knew from experience that a decent rain event would bring debris and rocks onto the highway.  Even without the rain, erosion, lack of vegetation, and brittle rocks, dry ravel or slides can occur without the presence of rain in a burn area.

The pictures provide a clear picture of how the rock fences work.

Rock Fence on Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1)