Friday, April 4, 2014

Maricopa Highway (SR-33): A Beautiful Partnership

Maricopa Highway (SR-33) in Ojai
If you’re driving on Maricopa Highway (SR-33) in Ojai, you’ll see an amazing array of purple (close to blue, right?) and gold flowers in the center median near Nordhoff High School.  

Ojai Valley News coverage.


The idea was birthed by two lifelong residents of Ojai, one who works at the Caltrans Maintenance Station in Ojai and another who works for Ojai’s Public Works Department, both are Nordhoff alumni.  They wanted to improve the aesthetics of the center median of the highway, use native and drought-tolerant plants, and show some community and Ranger pride. 

Ojai’s Department of Public Works provided the funds and irrigation and Caltrans provided the plants and support. 

Overall, a great partnership to improve the aesthetics of the highway that many agree is a great improvement. 

Big thanks to all those with the Ojai Department of Public Works that helped make this possible.