Monday, May 19, 2014

Half-Mile Segment of San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank to Close Permanently TOMORROW

A half-mile segment of San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank will close permanently tomorrow, May 20, 2014. It will be closed before the morning commute. The closed portion is the segment that crosses under I-5 between the Lincoln Street off-ramp on the east side of the freeway and the Lincoln Street/Victory Place intersection on the west. Here are common questions we’re getting about this closure (see the notice here):

So, is this really PERMANENT? Yes. San Fernando Boulevard will be realigned so that it connects directly to Empire Avenue. There will be a NEW undercrossing at Empire Avenue that will open in mid-2017, creating a new east-west link.

Why is this necessary? The closure is part of the Empire Project, which includes elevating the railroad tracks adjacent to I-5. Closing San Fernando Boulevard is necessary to construct temporary railroad tracks that will allow trains to keep operating during construction. More info about the Empire Project is here.

Will ramps be affected? Yes. The northbound I-5 Lincoln Street off-ramp and southbound San Fernando Boulevard on-ramp will be closed permanently. The southbound Scott Road/Burbank Boulevard off-ramp will be closed when San Fernando Boulevard is closed and will be integrated into the new Empire Avenue interchange.

Is there a detour? Yes. A detour will be posted to route motorists around the closure. Here it is:

You can view a larger version of the detour map here.

What about congestion on surrounding streets? Initially, there may be more congestion, but we find that traffic tends to flow more smoothly once motorists get used to taking another route. To ease congestion, Caltrans is working with the City of Burbank to implement traffic circulation improvements on local streets — such as corridor timing and new signals — before San Fernando Boulevard is closed. Buena Vista Street will also be reconfigured to accommodate additional traffic.

Questions? Visit or call the toll-free I-5 Info Line at 855.454.6335.