Thursday, June 12, 2014

Project Update: I-5 Truck Lanes

In mid-2012, we began work on a project that’s widening I-5 to make room for specially designated truck lanes in both directions between SR-14 and Pico Canyon Road/Lyons Avenue in Santa Clarita. The southbound truck lane will extend from Pico Canyon Road/Lyons Avenue to SR-14 (3.7 miles), while the northbound lane will run from SR-14 to Gavin Canyon (1.4 miles). This $72 million project will improve traffic flow, relieve congestion and enhance safety. 

We're now about two years into the project. Here’s a status update ...

(Almost) Done: Crews are almost done with the following median work: retaining walls and paving from the Weldon Canyon overcrossing to the Pico Canyon/Lyons Avenue overcrossing, the retaining wall on the right shoulder of southbound I-5 just south of the Weldon Canyon overcrossing, and bridge widening operations at both the Gavin Canyon underpass and Calgrove Boulevard underpass. 

Here’s the new retaining wall just south of Weldon Canyon:

Here’s the wider Gavin Canyon underpass:

And here’s the wider Calgrove underpass:

In Progress: Crews are finishing up the retaining wall south of the Weldon Canyon overcrossing and have recently begun working on the retaining wall north of the Weldon Canyon overcrossing.

The project is about 84% complete and is on track to be completed late this year. More information about the project is here.