Monday, September 29, 2014

Ask Caltrans: Backup on I-5 Near Buena Vista Off-Ramp

Dear Caltrans:

I work in Burbank and commute to my job via northbound I-5, getting off at the Buena Vista Street exit. There’s almost always a backup on the freeway as cars line up waiting to get off at this exit. What’s causing this backup and what are you doing to fix it?

- Delayed and Irritated Guy

Dear DIG:

The queue on I-5 is caused by work related to the Empire Project. At the beginning of the project, the northbound Lincoln Street off-ramp was closed permanently. As a result, more motorists are exiting at the next available off-ramp — Buena Vista Street. Further complicating matters, beginning in mid-October, one of the southbound lanes on Buena Vista Street will be closed for about three weeks.

To address this issue, Caltrans is in discussions with the City of Burbank and LADOT about signal timing at key intersections, which may help reduce the queue on the freeway. You’ll also notice some new signage on I-5 warning motorists to slow down and watch for stopped traffic.

Motorists who normally use the Buena Vista Street off-ramp may want to use the Hollywood Way or Glenoaks ramp instead. Although you may be a little farther away from your destination by using an alternate ramp, chances are you'll end up saving time (and frustration) by avoiding the delay at Buena Vista Street.

Drive safely and slow for the cone zone!

More information about the Empire Project, including updates on closures and construction activities, is here.