Monday, October 6, 2014

Watch for Stopped Vehicles on Northbound I-5 in Burbank

If you drive northbound I-5 in Burbank, you're going to notice some new freeway signs in the near future that say the following: "Buena Vista Street Exit Jammed," "Hollywood Way Exit Jammed," and this one:

The off-ramps back up and vehicles queue on the freeway because there's more traffic using the Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Way exits since the Lincoln Street off-ramp closed in May as part of the Empire Project. Caltrans and the City of Burbank are looking into possible measures to reduce the backups, including adjusting signal timing, restriping northbound I-5 to add an auxiliary lane south of Buena Vista Street, and restriping the Hollywood Way off-ramp to accommodate double left turns. 

These measures are still under review, but a number of other measures are already being implemented. You'll notice a new portable electronic sign south of the Buena Vista exit warning motorists to watch for stopped vehicles, similar notifications on the permanent electronic sign near Los Feliz Boulevard, and installation of the Traffic Jammed and Watch for Stopped Vehicles signs described above.

What can you do to make your northbound I-5 commute easier? Most important, DO watch for stopped vehicles, especially during peak hours. Nothing slows a commute like an accident. Second, use an alternate ramp. Your best bet is Burbank Boulevard, but you may also want to try Glenoaks Boulevard, or take westbound SR-134 to Buena Vista Street.

If you're heading to Bob Hope Airport, you may want to avoid the northbound I-5 Hollywood Way exit and get off at Burbank Boulevard instead. Go west on Burbank Boulevard to Victory Boulevard, and keep heading west to Hollywood Way. Swing a right to go north on Hollywood Way, and then follow the signs to the airport.

For more helpful information about getting to Bob Hope Airport, check out the airport's website

More information about the Empire Project is available on the I-5 website.