Thursday, November 6, 2014

10/605 Direct Connector Project update

If you have found yourself traveling along the San Bernardino (I-10) Freeway in the San Gabriel Valley recently, you may have noticed the progress being made with construction of a $66 million direct fly-over connector from the southbound San Gabriel River (I-605) Freeway to eastbound I-10. The direct-connector is a 30-foot wide single lane connector that will be 58 feet at its highest point. Once completed, the connector will improve traffic flow, reduce commuter delays due to merging vehicles and provide improved goods movement, and enhance safety and mobility in the region. Retaining walls along southbound I-605, falsework and construction of the columns for the connector have been completed.  Upcoming construction will include roadway work along the eastern end of the bridge, and further falsework and column installation work.

View of the direct connector from I-605.

The direct connector will be 58 feet at its highest point.

Retaining walls and soundwalls are being constructed as part of this project.

The connector touches down just east of Frazier Street, with the roadway continuing underneath the Bess Avenue pedestrian crossing.