Monday, November 17, 2014

CTC Allocates $368 MIllion for 115 Biking and Walking Projects

Good news for bikers and walkers! The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has adopted 115 biking and walking projects as part of the state’s $368 million 2014 Active Transportation Program (ATP), making it the nation’s largest non-motorized transportation program. The CTC will allocate $133.6 million to the projects at its future meetings.

The adopted projects come from California’s eight largest Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Fresno Council of Governments; Sacramento Area Council of Governments: Southern California Association of Governments; Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Bay Area); San Joaquin Council of Governments; Stanislaus Council of Governments; Tulare County Association of Governments; and Kern Council of Governments.

Last year, Governor Brown signed legislation creating the ATP. The new program combined several small bike and pedestrian-related grant funds into a comprehensive program.

The Westside Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Improvements Project in Ventura is one example of a project that received ATP funding. The $1.5 million project will construct sidewalks and sidewalk improvements, curb extensions, a bike lane and install rectangular rapid flashing beacons and crosswalks in Ventura on Cedar Street from Prospect to Poli Street, and on Ventura Avenue from Kellogg Street to DeAnza Drive. The improvements will enhance safety and connectivity for walkers and bikers in an area with high volumes of non-motorized use.

Safe mobility for everyone—including pedestrians and bicyclists—is part of Caltrans’ mission to provide a sustainable transportation system that will help make California a better place to live and enhance our economy. The ATP supports a healthy lifestyle that also helps achieve California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The complete list of all 115 ATP project is here. Info about the ATP is here.