Monday, December 15, 2014

Mud Slides Close Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1)

UPDATE 12/31/2014 - The highway is expected to remain closed till late-January as crews continue to remove rocks and debris, survey slide areas, and repair damaged sections of the roadway.

UPDATE 12/28/2014 - The highway is expected to remain closed till mid-January 2015. 

Last week’s heavy rains caused twelve to fifteen mud, rock, and debris slides along Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) requiring the closure of the highway between Yerba Buena Road and Las Posas Road near Point Mugu, west of Malibu.  The mud came from the May 2013 Springs Fire burn area.   The highway is expected to remain closed for three to four weeks.  No motorists or cyclists will be permitted access. 

More slides are expected from additional storms along the coast.  A contractor has been hired to remove the mud and debris, re-position K-rails that were displaced by mud slides, and repair highway shoulders and rip rap that were damaged or washed out.  At some locations highway is covered in 4 to 6 feet of mud.