Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Construction Moving Forward on Flyover Bridge in Baldwin Park

The San Gabriel Valley’s busy 1-10/1-605 interchange is about to become easier to navigate at the end of 2015 due to progress on a southbound I-605 connector bridge to the eastbound I-10.  The very visible flyover bridge, which started construction in 2013, will greatly improve traffic flow and reduce commuter delays in the San Gabriel Valley once it is completed. To date, the $66 million project, funded by the State Highway Operation and Protection Program, with a combination of state and federal monies, is more than 50% complete. 
View of the connector from westbound I-10

Once completed, the connector will be 58 feet at its highest point.

Construction is anticipated to complete by fall, 2015.

The connector is a 30-foot wide single lane connector and includes a 42-inch high barrier on its south side  facing Dalewood Street 

A number of milestones have been already reached on the project. The creation of the new I-605 south to I-10 west connector has allowed traffic heading west to avoid the construction backup to the east. Also, construction crews are completing columns along the freeway and Dalewood Street which sustain the flyover bridge. Most importantly, the entire steel infrastructure has been completed on the segment of the bridge that spans both freeways of the interchange. 

With an anticipated completion date in the fall, the next step will be constructing the steel infrastructure of the eastern section of the bridge, which runs along Dalewood Street and touches down on the I-10 east. In order to reduce traffic noise in the neighborhood, sound walls will be built along Dalewood Street. The majority of bridge work will be performed at night so that commuters won’t be stopped during heavy traffic periods in the day. Also, there will be no construction during federal holidays.

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