Tuesday, February 17, 2015

710 Extended Weekend Closures Cancelled


Check back Feb. 26 for status of next weekend

We're calling it the "Winter Wham," a series of three-to-six extended weekend closures on the 710 Freeway between Florence Avenue and Washington Boulevard beginning Friday, February 20, 2015.

The full freeway closures will start Friday evenings at midnight to Saturday mornings at 6 a.m. and resume Sunday evenings at 11 p.m. through Monday mornings at 5 a.m.

From Saturday morning through Sunday night, lanes will be reduced to two lanes northbound and three lanes southbound. 

There also will be ramp closures:

EB Florence Avenue to NB I-710 – Detour is EB Florence to NB Garfield       Avenue to NB I-5;
WB Florence Avenue to NB I-710—Detour is WB Florence to NB Atlantic;
SB Atlantic Boulevard to SB I-710 – Detour is SB Atlantic to EB Florence;
NB Atlantic Boulevard to SB I-710 – Detour is NB Atlantic to EB Bandini     Boulevard to SB Garfield Avenue to WB Florence; 
NB I-710 off-ramp to NB Atlantic and EB Bandini—Detour is to exit at         Washington, and then east on Washington to Atlantic.

During the closures, Caltrans suggests these alternate routes:

To northbound I-710:

·         EB I-105 to NB I-605
·         WB I-105 to NB I-5
·         NB I-605 to NB I-5. 

To southbound I-710:

·         EB State Route 60 to SB I-605
·         WB SR-60 to SB I-605 to WB I-105
·         EB I-10 to SB I-110 to EB I-105.

We know this is going to be difficult for motorists and sincerely apologize for
the inconvenience. However, the closures are necessary to accomplish work
othe I-710 pavement improvement project from Interstate105 to Interstate10, part of an ongoing effort to upgrade the route which began in 2001 and is being accomplished in phases.

The project is installing precast concrete panels and concrete slabs in various lanes and locations, upgrading the median barrier and constructing maintenance pullouts.

The roadway rehabilitation project will result in better ride quality and will reduce the need for maintenance. Existing median barriers will be upgraded to concrete barriers, therefore reducing the risk of vehicle crossovers. Construction of maintenance pullouts will also reduce exposure of maintenance personnel to traffic and enhance safety. 

Shimmick/Myers and Sons is the contractor on the $120 million project, which started in fall 2012 and will complete in 2016.

Motorists are encouraged to visit the Caltrans website at www.dot.ca.gov/dist07 for further information.