Monday, June 1, 2015

The Public Weighs In On the California Transportation Plan 2040

The California Transportation Plan (CTP) is a statewide long-range transportation plan with a 25-year forecast period that is updated every five years. A draft version of the California Transportation 2040 was released in March 2015 for public review and comment.

To ensure that the general public and transportation stakeholders had an opportunity to provide input on the draft CTP 2040, Caltrans sponsored seven statewide workshops with the primary objective to increase public awareness of how the CTP 2040 is being developed and how it will be used. In addition, the workshops provided Caltrans the opportunity to gauge public support for the goals, polices and strategies outlined in the CTP 2040 to achieve a future statewide, sustainable and integrated multimodal transportation system.

Through the public worship series, webinar and website, Caltrans received hundreds of comments on the draft CTP 2040. Here are some of the recurring topics that emerged:

--> Current developments regarding technology

--> Policy and planning connection of transportation and land use

--> Climate change/sea level rise as an environmental concern for transportation planning

--> Practical strategies to achieve the alternatives and goals

--> Preparation of the CTP for a more general audience, as the information is very technical

--> Maintenance and funding to keep the system operational

You can read more about the public workshops and feedback received in the “CTP 2040 Public Workshop Series Summary Report,” available here.

The Caltrans Office of State Planning will refine the CTP 2040 this summer. The plan is scheduled for final approval in December 20156. Learn more about the CTP 2040 here.