Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Glendale Freeway (SR-2) Soundwall Project, Graffiti Complaints

Northbound SR-2 Soundwall Project, looking north in Echo Park (Los Angeles). 
Currently, this location is under construction. The contractor has been notified to remove the graffiti and will continue to do so throughout the course of construction. In most cases, unless the graffiti is vulgar which calls for immediate removal, graffiti will be removed in a timely manner according to the contractor’s schedule.  

When the work on SR-2 Terminus soundwall began, neighbors were initially alarmed by the K-Rail installed on Allesandro and the extensive posting of "no parking" signs along the street.  Caltrans worked with the contractor to ensure that this extensive taking of street parking was greatly minimized, and it has remained a limited no-parking area. Due to the lack of barriers/K-rails, our construction site has become an easy target for vandals. 

Caltrans asks only for your patience, as we work to accommodate your neighborhood needs and get this project completed.  Thank you in advance for your patience and sharing your concern.