Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ask Caltrans: What are you doing on US 101 late at night?

Wondering why you may have encountered late night lane closures on US 101 lately during the weekend? (Yes, we know, rush hour is 24/7 in Los Angeles, right?) 

Caltrans is currently repaving (rehabilitating) concrete pavement on the Hollywood Freeway and Ventura Freeway (US 101) between the 101/110 Interchange in Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood, and from the 101/134/170 Interchange in Sherman Oaks to Calabasas.  

Generally, damaged or broken concrete is removed and new concrete is poured, sometimes depending on the type of concrete used, the process could take weeks to cure.  In the past few years, Caltrans has decided to use pre-cast panels (pre-fab slabs, as seen in the video) as an innovative way to effectively and efficiently replace damaged pavement, reduce the need for lanes closures and reduce the construction or maintenance crews exposure to traffic hazards, and increase the usage life of the pavement.  

Watch the video above and read Caltrans District 7’s Inside 7 Newsletter: A Concrete Solution to Freeway Repair: D7 Road Tests an Innovative Precast Panel Strategy  

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