Thursday, October 8, 2015

Angeles Crest Highway (SR-2) Closure Near Wrightwood For Repairs

The Angeles Crest Highway (SR-2) has been closed 5 miles west of Big Pines Road to Islip Saddle (refer to the map below) since early September when heavy rains caused several rock and debris slides that damaged drains and the roadway.  The closure is expected to remain in place until May 2016.  This section of  highway closes on a yearly basis from fall to winter due to severe avalanches, ice, and rock slides.

The slides significantly damaged the storm drains along the highway that channel water out and away from the highway.  If the drains are covered with debris and become incapacitated during heavy El NiƱo storms, it is possible for water and debris to significantly damage the highway.

Caltrans is working with the US Forest Service and other regulatory agencies to complete the permitting process so that a contractor can begin repairs on the highway.  

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From Caltrans Quickmap