Monday, November 2, 2015

Caltrans Launches First-Ever Bike and Pedestrian Plan

Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty announces the launch of the California 
State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan outreach effort at the 2015 California 
Bicycle Summit, hosted by the California Bicycle Coalition.
Caltrans has begun developing the first-ever California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CSBPP), which will be a visionary and comprehensive policy plan to support active modes of transportation. The plan will guide the State in developing an integrated, multi-modal transportation network for all users, including:

+ Bicycle and pedestrian accommodation on the State Highway System, where appropriate.

+ Connections to intercity rail and public transportation.

+ Support for local government efforts to develop safe active transportation networks.

The target is to triple bicycling and double walking by 2020. Better bicycle and pedestrian facilities that safely connect people with where they need to go will also promote healthy and active lifestyles and improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Policies that stem from this plan will guide Caltrans’ decisions about future bicycle and pedestrian investments.

Developing the CSBPP will be a multi-year process that will continue through February 2017. It will be guided in part by a Technical Advisory Committee that includes stakeholder partners from the federal, state, regional and local levels; state health and safety agencies; and Caltrans staff. A comprehensive public engagement process will reach out to the general public, regional agencies and local governments, policymakers, business groups, and community organizations.

Want to get involved? Visit the project website (here) to share your input on walking and biking in your community and to sign up for email updates when new information becomes available.