Tuesday, December 15, 2015

“25K Find a New Way” Innovation Contest Finalists Announced

This Solar-Powered Titanium Bridge Inspector Robot was not one of the finalists.
Back in August, Caltrans and two other state agencies announced the "$25K Find a New Way" innovation contest to improve government operations. The intent is to provide an opportunity for Californians to identify areas of improvement within state government and share their untapped expertise to create solutions. Each department has $25,000 to award. Submissions were due by October 13, 2015.

We asked for your ideas, and you didn't disappoint us! Caltrans is pleased to announce that more than 600 entries were received. After carefully reviewing all submissions, the following finalists were selected: 

Advance Directional Signs: Alter or add directional signs to give motorists more time to change lanes before merging.

Caltrans Freeway League: A digital space for Californians to develop successful commuting strategies, focused on safety and efficiency. 

Diverging Diamonds: An intersection configuration designed to provide easier merging while making wrong-way ramp access more difficult.

Gawker Blocker: A portable screen to obscure distracting activity from drivers’ views.

More Visibility for Caltrans Workers: Employ highly reflective, collapsible devices to increase the visibility of roadway workers.

Movable Dividers: Move center dividers to give commute direction more capacity in morning and evening hours.

Off-Peak Toll Discounts: Reduce fees for commercial vehicles that operate during off-peak hours.

Staggered Workday Hours: Employ several workday shifts to reduce commute congestion.

The winner will be announced before December 31, 2015. More information about the contest is here.