Thursday, December 17, 2015

Progress at Las Tunas State Beach Wave Breaker in Malibu

Heavy equipment pushes rocks onto the slopes to build the wave breaker. 
Since October 28, Caltrans' contractor, Nordic Industries has completed a lot of work to protect the slopes along Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) on Las Tunas State Beach.  So far the contractor has:
  • Built a key way (dirt ramp) to access the beach
  • Built a temporary rock cofferdam
  • Removed loose materials from the damaged slope
  • Begun to build the rock slope protection
  • Delivered and placed hundreds of cubic yards of boulders, some weighing 14-tons.   
The construction crews base their work hours on the tides when working on the beach. 

While this project is underway, the beach/construction site is off limits to cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.  Trespassers could be cited by law enforcement officers. 

All of this work has been permitted by the Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors Department, California Coastal Commission, and the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Remember, Be Work Zone Alert.