Wednesday, January 6, 2016

El Niño Social Media Round Up

Contractor crews clearing mud from a drain in the center median
on US 101 near Solimar Beach in Ventura
El Niño has been here for several months, but the recent storms have posed as a serious challenge for Caltrans and motorists.

On Tuesday, January 5 Caltrans crews responded to a freakish muddy spill over into lanes onto southbound U.S. 101 near Solimar Beach, north of Ventura.  The spill over was the result of mud covering a drain in the center median north of Dulah Road.  Traffic was diverted off of southbound 101 onto PCH, eventually at least one lane was opened. By 6 p.m. crews open all lanes after clearing mud and water from the lanes.  The repair continues.    

Although there were worries that the slopes from the Solimar fire burn area would become saturated and flow onto the highway, there were only minor slides onto northbound lanes, but the highway remained open most of the day.  

Today, crews responded to flooding on I-5 in Sunland (North Los Angeles) between Lankershim and Sheldon.  The flooding required the closure of all lanes.  

The pump houses that remove water from the drains under the freeway became inundated with debris and water.  Caltrans maintenance crews waded through waist-high water to find and clear drains.